New Generation Farmer Cooperatives

Agricultural cooperatives/producer companies are key to reduce hunger and poverty

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Giving them what they need!

The right business expertise and right marketing exposure are what that can help farmer cooperatives to become efficient and achieve greater goals.

Technology Enabling

Our software tools can help farmer cooperatives to become transparent, organized and more trustworthy.

Market Exposure

We connect them with markets outside their immediate locality so that they get better prices for their produce.

Key Mission

Financial Support

Our partner financial institutions can invest in these transparent cooperatives to help them grow their business.

Our Uniqueness

Our network extends right from local farmers to processing units, brands, certification bodies and research institutes in Europe. We built apps that became trending at top 10 social apps in India and few of our apps are used by multinational consumer good brands.

Our current focus markets are cocoa, coffee, black pepper, coconut oil, and vanilla.

How it works

Our support to farmers cooperatives is a 3 stage process.

  • Stage 1

    Our team visits the interested cooperatives and understand their operational & organization structures. We then custom build a software solution for them so that all their operations are managed through this software. This makes their work transparent and helps them get real insights into improving their operational efficiency.

    Thus the system will carry updated information about the products available in the cooperative which is then posted on our marketplace. Brands can find raw material for their products from this marketplace.

  • Stage 2

    Our marketing team searches for international and local brands who are looking to source raw materials that are produced in our partner cooperatives. We ensure that farmers get fair prices and brands get quality products within the set timeframe from these cooperatives.

    Since the flow of goods from farmers to brands is traced through our platform, Brands can use our tools to showcase their product story through the QR code or BAR code on their labels.

  • Stage 3

    By making the operations of cooperatives transparent through our software tools, they can be easily assessed by our partner institutions that provide financial support. This can be working capital loans or investments to scale up their business and infrastructure.

    Through these financial supports, farmer cooperatives will become capable of converting raw material to processed products thus leading to generating higher income for their farmers.

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