Build Brand Value Through

Supply Chain

73 % of consumers say they’re willing to pay more & 94 % of consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand when it commits to full transparency.

Great Brands With Great Stories

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories that you tell” – Seth Godin

Build Product Stories

Use our tools to tell the story about your product to your customers. Make them part of your social and sustainability initiatives.

Ensure Legitimacy In Your Supply Chain

Our traceability system ensures that every stakeholder in supply chain submits legit documents which cannot be tampered with. This helps you perform a risk analysis of your sources.

Connect with your customers

When consumers find a brand they feel they can trust, they’re likely to stick with that brand for the long-term. What’s the best way to build consumers’ trust?
Through brand transparency.

  1. Supply Chain Transparency

    Building or integrating traceability systems in your supply chain that consumers can check to understand the source of raw materials.

  2. Using Trusted Blockchain Technology

    Using Blockchain technology, we can build tamper proof and completely secure supply chain management systems.

  3. Sustainable, Organic and Safe food

    Showcase your certifications in sustainable, organic and safe food and make your customers part of these great initiatives.

Our Software Tools — used to certify over 1 M+ hectares globally Know More ↗

Why Choose Us

We are local farm boys who love coding. We’ve been chasing disruptive innovations to support agriculture supply chains right from the farmers to brands since 2011.

Our Knowledge and Network

In the supply chains from Asia to Europe, from the farmers to the brands.

Supply Chain Risk Analysis 

Analyse the risk of supply chain actors based on their transparency and certification data.

Easy Adoption

Its easy for existing systems to integrate into our platform through APIs.

Power of Storytelling 

Showcase your great product story by collaborating data from all actors in the supply chain.

Secure & Blockchained

By using blockchain technology we have made our data tamperproof and highly secure.

Ensure Legitimacy 

We ensure that all actors in the supply chain are honest about the information they provide.

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