Hi, We’re CIED

An innovative collective of like-minded folks making useful and enduring technology products

Startup in Web and mobile
application development — 2011






Started our entrepreneurial journey when
we were pursuing our bachelors in Engineering in 2011

Audit tools for
sustainability standards – 2013

Built apps for inspection and certification of sustainability standard called Trustea, backed by Unilever and Tata. As of today, we have three sustainability standards using our tools.

Certification Body
Management Tools – 2015

Built and deployed ERP tools for Certification Bodies. It is currently being used by Certification Bodies in India and Europe

Farming Colors – Local supply chain
connecting farmers with end consumers – 2016

Established an end to end supply chain for organic fruits, vegetables and spices in Kochi, Kerala, India


Right Origins

Farm to fork, What you see is what you get

Creating transparent and trustworthy supply chains by connecting farmer cooperatives with international brands.

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