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Mobile Apps

  • Superfast Audits

    Our mobile app can help auditors to record their findings and readily evidence them during audits with supporting photos, attachments and associated corrective actions, where applicable. It works both online and offline and helps to reduce the inspection to report preparation time from few weeks to few days.

  • Easy Integration

    With our extensive APIs, you can effortlessly integrate our apps into your existing organisation resource management applications.

  • Android & IOS, Online and Offline

    Our tools are available for Android, IOS, Windows and Mac platforms. These apps can work without internet connectivity and can sync data with our could servers ones they connected to wifi or mobile internet.

Official App For
3 Major Sustainable Standards

We have developed apps for Trustea (Project backed by Unilever), Sustainable Mining and Sustainable Castor standards.

12 Major CBs Use Our Apps
For Audits & Certification Processes

Certification Bodies (CBs) from India and Europe use our apps to perform audits, certifications & managing their operations.

Upgraded Versions
Released Every Year

Keeping up with the fast-growing technology & design trends and integrating the same with our apps is a top priority for us.

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