We sold 1000 bars in 8 hours!

We have started our online sales yesterday, A Big Thanks to the people of Limburg!

Few days ago we had posted on LinkedIn about Right Origins chocolates reaching our office in the Netherlands. We were then one step away from launching our chocolate sales online.

What we don’t have, is millions to spend on marketing to push everything online via boosting post on social media channels. But what we do have, is a remarkable ecosystem here in limburg. We are so happy and honoured to be part a such a network where people who are really supportive and are willing to spread the word of our farmers owned blockchain chocolates for us. We are really thankful to the people in Brightlands ecosystem, LIOF & Rabo bank for the overwhelming support that they have given us over the years. We are also thankful to Global Exploration ( an NGO from Limburg ). Without them, we wouldn’t have achived this. A big thanks to their network of students and parents within the limburg region.